Def. link / bind / connect

One of the true joys of being an accompanist is sharing musical experiences with a vast array of talented and gifted musicians. It serves to influence, inspire and motivate me and allows creative expression regardless of situation.

The premise of this project was to create a record coordinated, arranged and drawn together from the viewpoint of an accompanist. My passion is enhancing a work and shaping its musical identity; taking it to the next stage of its life as it were. Through my role as an accompanist, I have brought together a collection of musicians to create an album of unique perspective.

Vincular has been a hugely creative and experimental process and the culmination of my musical journey so far. I feel extremely lucky to have performed with such brilliant musicians in my career and Vincular celebrates my role as an accompanist, the link between everyone involved.


Folk London

“The first-rate skill and musicianship of Jappy and all the other players cannot be faulted on this expertly crafted album.”

Folk Radio Magazine

“One dictionary definition of the word vincular is given as ‘link / bind / connect’, and it is difficult to think of a more apposite title for this, Ron Jappy’s debut solo album.”

Folk Wales

“Does it work? You bet your cotton-picking life it does! Wow!”

“The first track ‘Trouble’, enjoys a wild start and settles down in to a solid Celtic-rock groove with lead instruments whirling around.”

Irish Music Magazine

“In his hands the Celtic big band remains a formidable musical concept.”

Northern Sky

“Plenty to go at then with this fine debut, which features an array of fine musicians who’ve helped to shape this musician’s musical vision.”

The Scotsman

“What happens when an in-demand accompanist records as a band-leader? The result can be impressive…”

Shire Folk

“I think we will be hearing a lot more of Mr Jappy in the forthcoming years and not just as an accompanist.”


“Over the last decade, Scottish fiddle, piano and guitar player Ron has become something of a go-to accompanist and arranger.”

Spiral Earth

“‘Vincular’, one of those albums you’re going to be playing often.”