Inspiring Musicians

In late 2018, after a busy year of working with a broad range of different  musicians, I decided I wanted to maintain some of the musical bonds I’d made over the last year, as well rekindle some old ones. So in January 2019, I decided to start a video series with musician & friends, old and new.

It started as a very casual way for everyone (myself included) to keep their social media pages active, but very quickly turned in to something a lot more than that. In an age where people are so busy with everything that’s going on, there’s a lot to be to be said for just going round for a cup of tea and catch up.  A lot of the time, the social side of meeting up with someone can be forgotten and through this project it became clear that this aspect of wellbeing became more important than the music itself.

Catching up with people, seeing what they’d been up to, what their plans were for the next wee while, and just having a chat was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and the music that came after that was just a nice way to tie it all in really.

The casual aspect of the videos is what musicians and viewers seem to enjoy, I would just simply record it on an iPhone and away we go. Nothing fancy. 

I’ve been very fortune to know and to have worked with some incredibly inspiring musicians so far in my career and I wanted to create a project that reflected this. In it a way, it also helped to inspire and shape the thought process behind Vincular which for me, focuses on the best part of music, to perform, create and share music with other people.

Below are a selection of videos from the series, and you can find the full playlist on YouTube.